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Texas Film Festivals by Region

Updated: Mar 25

Film festivals are a great way for movie lovers gain access to a wider variety of films, help local filmmakers showcase their art, and bring together people to celebrate a passion for films and the numerous topics they cover. Check just a few of the 110+ film festivals around the state by region!


The Deep in the Heart Film Festival looks for films that make us laugh, cry, or even scream. If you have a great story, they want it at their festival. They seek to showcase the best in independent film from Texas, the US and the world. They want to share great films, inspire filmmakers, create networking opportunities and show guests some genuine Texas hospitality


Boomtown Film and Music Festival: February, Beaumont At the Boomtown Film and Music Festival, music and film lovers alike come together in Southeast Texas to hear cutting-edge bands, see “fiercely independent” films, enjoy panel discussions and mingle with like-minded enthusiasts. The festival also gives attendees the chance to hear and learn from experienced filmmakers.

Nacogdoches Film Festival: February, Nacogdoches The Nacogdoches Film Festival is an annual celebration of the art and entertainment of film in all its forms. A non-profit organization, the Nacogdoches Film Festival is part of an east Texas college community known for its arts focus and easy access to area attractions, trails, restaurants, shopping and scenic byways.


Tribute Film Festival: March, Abilene

“Real. Worthy. Films.” is the tagline for this Abilene film festival that primarily focuses on documentaries that reference historic events. Events include screenings of selected films at the Frontier Texas museum, an independent filmmaking seminar, social/networking events in downtown Abilene, and a festival gala to screen the award winning films.


Hill Country Film Festival: April, Fredericksburg

The Hill Country Film Festival blends the unique artistic culture of the hill country with the independent film world. Featuring over 50 independent films (shorts & features), as well as filmmaker Q&A/interviews, festival parties and more - attracting film industry personnel, consumers and media from all over Texas and the United States.


Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival: September, Houston

Established in 1998, the Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival was created to showcase the discovery of new and emerging artists. They work to encourage the work of independent filmmakers and to promote the concept of film as an art, offering awards as a means of educational outreach and expanded awareness of independent film.


Thin Line: April, Denton

Thin Line is a film, music, and photo festival held over 5 days in Denton. Thin Line delivers an engaging program of high quality documentary films, world-class music, and a “diverse palette” of photographic art. Thin Line Film is all about documentaries because they feel real life is indeed more interesting (and more powerful) than fiction. The festival screens all types of documentaries films.


Plaza Classic Film Festival: August, El Paso

The Plaza Classic Film Festival was created in 2008 to celebrate El Paso's rich cinema history and rekindle the joy of communal film-going, exemplified by the historic and restored Plaza Theatre.


West Texas Film Festival: November, Odessa

The purpose of the West Texas Film Festival is to attract diverse films from both directors and producers that would not normally be featured in West Texas as well as regional media makers. The festival seeks out short films, documentaries, features, animation and student films as well as screenplays from all over the world that have the pioneer spirit of film making.


Flatland Film Festival: October, Lubbock

Based in Lubbock, the Flatland Film Festival serves the citizens of this region and encourages artists working in this mode of expression. The festival combines the art of independent filmmaking with the business of independent filmmaking, shuffling the emerging with the established in terms of vision, passion, and technology and dealing new directions for all


Rockport Film Festival (RFF): November, Rockport

The Rockport Film Festival celebrates the best of independent cinema on the Texas Coast. Showcasing shorts, features, documentaries, animations and student films, Rockport Film Festival is a welcoming three-day event that highlights talent from all over the world.

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