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Authentic Texas celebrates the lone star state—and sustains heritage tourism

Until the Spring of 2016, a magazine dedicated to Texas heritage and culture, preservation efforts, and travel did not exist. Since that time, Authentic Texas has sought to fill that void. 

This quarterly statewide publication is available by paid subscription for home or office delivery and can be found for sale at retail outlets throughout the state. It’s also available for free at more than 100 visitor centers and select cultural and heritage sites.

Authentic Texas is published by Texas Heritage Trails, LLC, a coalition of seven nonprofit Heritage Trail Regions across the state. 

When the magazine launched, Texas Heritage Trails LLC president Rick Stryker stated, “Authentic Texas invites Texans to explore their state and visitors to discover it. Dedicated to Texas heritage and culture and preservation efforts, we are looking to fill a void and we’re thinking outside the box for our nonprofit organizations.”

Supported by advertising, Authentic Texas also provides an outlet for marketers to reach the affluent, engaged heritage traveler who stays longer and spends more.* Through its mix of high-quality editorial content and paid advertising, Authentic Texas educates, inspires, and motivates visitors and residents alike.

Authentic Texas . . .

  • Invites readers to explore the communities, sites, and attractions that are the fabric of Texas’s rich heritage

  • Tells the true stories that beckon travelers to experience for themselves the state’s real places, artifacts, and activities

  • Includes themed travel itineraries and details on cultural events

  • Highlights preservation efforts by champions and stewards of Texas’s legacy

  • Covers every corner of the state in each issue

  • Supports the mission and programs of the nationally award-winning Texas Heritage Trails Program, a heritage tourism initiative of the Texas Historical Commission


Why focus solely on “heritage tourism” and the “heritage tourist”?

  • As defined by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, “Cultural heritage tourism is traveling to experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes cultural, historic, and natural resources.”

  • Plenty of publications and promotions already cover the wider universe of travel, to destinations like theme parks, attractions, vacation destinations, and resorts. But the heritage traveler looks deeper, to understand and appreciate what makes our world what it is—from the most remote rural communities to the largest cities, from ancient times to the past decade.

  • The heritage traveler cares about preserving what makes these places special, ensuring that they survive to inspire future generations.


*For more on the demographic profile of heritage tourists, and their cumulative effects on the Texas economy, see The Economic Impact of Preservation in Texas (2015).